YouTube ONE Layout. The Good, Bad and The Ugly.

Hello YouTubers! Today I am going to rant/type about the new YouTube one layout.  First off, I’ve taken a significant amount of time this morning designing my layout. Take a look.


As you can see, this is a little bit different from what you probably see, but the layout itself looks well..but what the hell is with the logo? I’ll explain…

If you look in the lower left corner I’ve set up the In-video programming. The transparent background actually shows up as white on the channel background but in the actual video it works beautifully.

I do like a few things about this design. The fact that it literally throws content at the viewers is really great. The mobile and tablet integration *soon* will hopefully bolster views.

The things I don’t like? Much less design options and it’s too WHITE. It feels like a website from 1995. I think giving the channel design back to the Youtubers is what needs to happen moving forward and also bringing back content incentives like daily view rewards..what the hell happened to those?

Short story short, it’s not a terrible design after all and it is growing on me.

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