My Video Pipeline 4/16/2013 – My Last WoW Series, for now.

Hi Guys, 

Today, I decided I should share what exactly I have in mind with new content now that the Leveling series is coming to an end.

I am going to give gearing and WoW endgame an honest try as I always do. If I enjoy the character I’ll play him and share his achievements. If I hate him, I’ll be closing my doors to World of Warcraft for now, and possibly the future.

Now I know a lot of people will be upset but this, but I am doing this for my own career. WoW videos are not making people into giant Youtubers anymore, atleast mediocre ones. I need to start playing games that I am actually talented at, like DayZ, Halo 4 and other FPS games. 

With this comes my new energy sponsor, Gamma Gamers it would also be best that I play more competitive games. 

There are two people that inspire me on YouTube.

Game Commentator FrankieonPCin1080p

Film Make Casey Neistat

I love Frankies channel design, editing skills and overal game concepts. Maybe Battlefield 3 and DayZ is where I need to go to exploit my real gaming talents to the world. His channel is a staple of what I need to do.

I’ve recently discovered Casey while scouting on Youtube for new TGN partners. If you checked out his channel you are probably wondering, “Hey, he doesn’t make game videos..he is just a dude who makes commercials in NYC”…well, that is totally true BUT how he makes videos and his back story inspire me to increase my own editing skills to better my content. Film making is something that I am very interested in doing and he is someone I’d look to to model my own success if possible. He also seems like a really great guy. 

Anyways guys, here is the pipeline as of right now:

  • Panda 80-85 – Coming out today.
  • EPISODE 7 – DayZ
  • Panda 85-90
  • Panda PvP Gear Series – LIVE Commentary, Extra Raunchy Gameplay.

Bandit Extermination

Welcome to part five, bandit extermination, of my DayZ Expert LP. In this episode we head back down to Cherno to see if we could do some police work. Sure enough, a firefight shortly breaks out and a standoff ensues lastly even over a server restart.

In my inventory I am carrying my trusty DMR, one of the most reliable weapons in DayZ. Usually a one shot kill to the upper chest and head. Knocks people out on a shot to the body too.