Play #DayZ with DeadlySlob! Join the Chernarus Resistance!

The Chernarus Resistance is our Faction/Guild/Clan, whatever you’d like to call it. If you’re just learning the game this isn’t the guild for you. We are looking for experienced survivors to join our cause.

There are three ways to join:

  1. Apply Below
  2. Get invited during a live event.
  3. Get converted in game.


  1. 17+ Environment.  Comfortable on livestream
  2. No disclosing server information to stream-snipers and
    treamers unless Deadly does so during events.
  3. No Drama/Shooting other CR members. If you are caught stealing/killing/spoiling fun we will just remove you from the faction.
  4. Listen to your squad leaders instructions. Squad lead will be determined while running supply runs and what not.



  1. We are not Bandits, we are survivors. That means we always ask before we shoot unless you feel threatened, guns are raised or shots are fired.
  2. We do not shoot unarmed. Taking them captive is aloud in order to convert them to our cause.
  3. Our teams objective is to secure the large coastal towns from other bandit groups, zombies and help friendlies gear up.
  4.  Our base-camps will not be disclosed on the website and only word of mouth to protect against stealers. The base location shouldn’t be disclosed to anyone in the stream unless they are a full time member.

3 thoughts on “Play #DayZ with DeadlySlob! Join the Chernarus Resistance!”

  1. Is the 17+ rule strict? Is there any chance I could still apply or do I need to wait until I turn 17 in November?

  2. It’s important because I’ve played with younger lads before and it’s just very hectic. DayZ is intended towards a mature audience and we need to keep it that way in the stream. I wouldn’t want 13-15 year olds in the teamspeak server because that would severely upset my viewers.

    None the less, if you’re mature I encourage you to sign up. If you need to be outcasted from the group we’ll do so haha!

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