Growing my gaming stream. Seven weeks in!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to write a quick blog post about growing my small, two and a half hour dayz lievstream that I have been doing every morning for the past seven weeks. I’ve put a lot of hard work that is slowly starting to pay off. Lets share shall we?


Picture one: May 2013. 
As you can see, we started streaming again March 16th after a two year absence. Not too many people know me at this point and I am just starting get breach 20 viewers. 



Picture 2: June 2013
June started off really slow. We are still getting 20-30 viewers per stream. However, starting June 16th (The day Highschool in the north ends) we started to pick up another 20 viewers increasing our average to around 50-60. 



Picture 3: July 2013 – Unfinished.

Started off strong on the 5th with 75 concurrent viewers. We are still maintaining that 50 p/Day average. If we go with the current trend we should expect to see 80 concurrent before the end of July which would be very strong. It’s a long road to 1,000 viewers. Once my new pc arrives I will be able to stream at a higher render speed increasing the overall quality and fps on the stream. This plus better communication in game and developing new overlays should help me increase my views on Twitch.

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