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Battlefield 4: Starting Engineer Progression on Paracel Storm TDM 64 [Full-Game Part 1]

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Welcome to my first live commentary playing BF4 TDM 64 on Paracel Storm.

The Last of Us – Burster SD Gameplay – Competitive Survivor

The Last of us is a new third-person action shooter that takes you into the world of an aging zombie apocalypse. Are you a Hunter or a Firefly? Rebel or Militia? You decide your path in multiplier and get to choose between dozens of perks, upgrades and customization options. You can also upgrade your gear in the in game store, and purchase weapons.

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Arma 2: Combined Operations is the game required to play DayZ. If you are looking to play before DayZ standalone the now is the time to get your hands on a copy and play!

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Growing my gaming stream. Seven weeks in!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to write a quick blog post about growing my small, two and a half hour dayz lievstream that I have been doing every morning for the past seven weeks. I’ve put a lot of hard work that is slowly starting to pay off. Lets share shall we?


Picture one: May 2013. 
As you can see, we started streaming again March 16th after a two year absence. Not too many people know me at this point and I am just starting get breach 20 viewers. 



Picture 2: June 2013
June started off really slow. We are still getting 20-30 viewers per stream. However, starting June 16th (The day Highschool in the north ends) we started to pick up another 20 viewers increasing our average to around 50-60. 



Picture 3: July 2013 – Unfinished.

Started off strong on the 5th with 75 concurrent viewers. We are still maintaining that 50 p/Day average. If we go with the current trend we should expect to see 80 concurrent before the end of July which would be very strong. It’s a long road to 1,000 viewers. Once my new pc arrives I will be able to stream at a higher render speed increasing the overall quality and fps on the stream. This plus better communication in game and developing new overlays should help me increase my views on Twitch.

Humvee Down – DayZ Mod

Everything you’re watching has been live recorded on To watch live, please check out the stream 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM EST every morning!

DayZ standalone is coming out in a few weeks and we are practicing hard to get into the groove again. We’ve found a brand new home server that we have been playing on for a few days. So far we’ve found a Humvee, SUV, UaZ, Ural, UH-1H, ATV and Police car.

This is the first of many DayZ episodes I will be featuring on my YouTube channel from this server. Make sure to subscribe for more!

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Faction: Chernarus Resistance
Clan Logo:

Music By: Steve Gunn
Improvisation 2.

Note on the music: I’ve tried contacting the original owner of this rift but I have been unsuccessful. There is no licence attached but I would love to give him some credit.

If there is rightful copyright holders please contact me so we can set up an official agreement. Thanks!