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Deadly Nation July Newsletter

Hello Deadly Nation Elite!!

I just wanted to thank all of you for supporting what I do every single morning for the past 12 months. Since June 1st 2014 I have been streaming every single morning (only missing a few days) and I have been enjoying every second of it.

Three weeks ago I decided to start streaming full-time to move away from a job that I didn’t enjoy doing anymore and focus on building this community.

Every month I am going to do my best to send out a daily news letter to keep all of you informed on any changes to our community. Whether it is news, accomplishments, changes or anything related to the DNE.


Deadly Nation Server:
This month we opened up our DayZ Standalone public hive server. This is an experiment to see how many people are interested in using this server on a daily basis. If you’re looking for people to play DayZ with, join our Teamspeak server. There are always senior members of the community around looking to play some games.

The server IP is:
Teamspeak: ts35.gameservers.com:9192

Deadly Nation Gear:
Also new this month is the opening of the merch store. You can now purchase shirts, sweaters and mugs from our store. I plan on expanding products and adding graphics to sell as the weeks and months go on. If you have any suggestions please tweet me. We can really make anything from pants, jackets, phone cases, hats and more.

Here is a link to the store:

Here is a picture of MaxMonies new gear!

Major changes to the emotes were also made this month. I’ve removed deadlyStrong and replaced it with deadlyPlayer. Now when you are in DayZ and Arma streams you can now use the emote when a player has been spotted.

Also there have been graphical changes to:
Winston Emote (deadlyCat)
Get Rekt (deadlyRekt)
Slob Bomb (deadlyBomb)
Peaches (deadlyPeach)

I want to thank SirValSwag for creating the new peach emote.

Also featuring this month is a brand new in-game overlay that is much cleaner to the new design. I have brought back the Recent Donator bar to help recognize the benefactors that help keep my dam lights on. I have debated on if I should list top donators under the stream. Let me know what you think (@deadlyslob).

New Games:
This month I have started playing two new titles. Breaking Point and Squad. BP is very similar to DayZ but with a slightly different feel, more optimization and more variety of gameplay. If you see me playing “Arma 3” don’t be afraid to stop by for an authentic DayZ experience.

Also new is Pre-Alpha for Squad. Thanks to Hoggy, I was able to get myself into the Squad closed pre-alpha weekends. Squad is an epic tactical shooter game. Check out gameplay on my channel. Its amazing. You can expect Squad on the channel every time it is available.

There will also be less Warcraft on my channel due to lack of activity from my WoW audience. If you’re looking for Warcraft expect it every Sunday on the channel, and on my YouTube channel weekly.

Again, I want to thank all of you for supporting the stream and helping to build this community. I am always open to honest feedback. The best way is via twitter and twitch messages.

Thank you all – see you on the livestream!
-Sean (DeadlySlob)

Humvee Down – DayZ Mod

Everything you’re watching has been live recorded on Twitch.tv/DeadlySlob. To watch live, please check out the stream 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM EST every morning!

DayZ standalone is coming out in a few weeks and we are practicing hard to get into the groove again. We’ve found a brand new home server that we have been playing on for a few days. So far we’ve found a Humvee, SUV, UaZ, Ural, UH-1H, ATV and Police car.

This is the first of many DayZ episodes I will be featuring on my YouTube channel from this server. Make sure to subscribe for more!

Check out Gamma Gamers HERE: http://goo.gl/WIikG
Use the code DEADLY10 to get 10% off your Gamma purchases!

Faction: Chernarus Resistance
Signup: https://deadlyslob.com/chernarus-resistance/
Clan Logo: http://imgur.com/38ZY5Hy

Music By: Steve Gunn
Improvisation 2.

Note on the music: I’ve tried contacting the original owner of this rift but I have been unsuccessful. There is no licence attached but I would love to give him some credit.

If there is rightful copyright holders please contact me so we can set up an official agreement. Thanks!

The DayZ God Demands Sacrifice!!!

This footage was taken from the live-stream. The following ‘friendly’ was not apart of it and didn’t know who we are. We decided to invite him into our church and mess around with him a bit.

We all had a laugh so I decided to share it with you all. We don’t usually play as bandits but it is really funny whenever you can engage in conversation and take someone hostage. Sadly, he didn’t take my offer.

Thanks for watching hah!

Check out Gamma Gamers HERE: http://goo.gl/WIikG
Use the code DEADLY10 to get 10% off your Gamma purchases!

Faction: Chernarus Resistance
Signup: https://deadlyslob.com/chernarus-resistance/
Clan Logo: http://imgur.com/38ZY5Hy

Play #DayZ with DeadlySlob! Join the Chernarus Resistance!

The Chernarus Resistance is our Faction/Guild/Clan, whatever you’d like to call it. If you’re just learning the game this isn’t the guild for you. We are looking for experienced survivors to join our cause.

There are three ways to join:

  1. Apply Below
  2. Get invited during a live event.
  3. Get converted in game.


  1. 17+ Environment.  Comfortable on livestream
  2. No disclosing server information to stream-snipers and
    treamers unless Deadly does so during events.
  3. No Drama/Shooting other CR members. If you are caught stealing/killing/spoiling fun we will just remove you from the faction.
  4. Listen to your squad leaders instructions. Squad lead will be determined while running supply runs and what not.



  1. We are not Bandits, we are survivors. That means we always ask before we shoot unless you feel threatened, guns are raised or shots are fired.
  2. We do not shoot unarmed. Taking them captive is aloud in order to convert them to our cause.
  3. Our teams objective is to secure the large coastal towns from other bandit groups, zombies and help friendlies gear up.
  4.  Our base-camps will not be disclosed on the website and only word of mouth to protect against stealers. The base location shouldn’t be disclosed to anyone in the stream unless they are a full time member.

The Ghost of the NWAF – DayZ Gear Run and Guide

Today we head to the notorious NWAF to seach for some weapons that can give us the upper hand in the apocalypse. One of the main reasons why players struggle in this game is their inability to find superior weapons. I’ve not saying a Le-Enfield or Winchester can’t ruins someones day, All I am saying is you can’t really touch someone from 1,000 meters away with those weapons.

First, we find an M24 Camo (5:15) located in the north barracks. After some gear malfunctions and some bad bag swaps it seems we lost the gun to the game engine.

Shortly after I notice a downed chopper in the center of the airfield. Normally, I wouldn’t go for such distractions but I was feeling risky. If I was to die with nothing more then an AK then so be it.

After killing the pilots, who are now zombies, I found a DMR nestled in the ground. What luck.

We later left the airfield and found another helicopter next to Vybor, looted it and found NVG’s.

What a great day for DayZ looting. We never encountered a player directly, but we did maneuver around multiple players so far in the show.