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Battlefield 4: Starting Engineer Progression on Paracel Storm TDM 64 [Full-Game Part 1]

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Welcome to my first live commentary playing BF4 TDM 64 on Paracel Storm.

The Last of Us – Burster SD Gameplay – Competitive Survivor

The Last of us is a new third-person action shooter that takes you into the world of an aging zombie apocalypse. Are you a Hunter or a Firefly? Rebel or Militia? You decide your path in multiplier and get to choose between dozens of perks, upgrades and customization options. You can also upgrade your gear in the in game store, and purchase weapons.

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The DayZ God Demands Sacrifice!!!

This footage was taken from the live-stream. The following ‘friendly’ was not apart of it and didn’t know who we are. We decided to invite him into our church and mess around with him a bit.

We all had a laugh so I decided to share it with you all. We don’t usually play as bandits but it is really funny whenever you can engage in conversation and take someone hostage. Sadly, he didn’t take my offer.

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