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Deadly Nation July Newsletter

Hello Deadly Nation Elite!!

I just wanted to thank all of you for supporting what I do every single morning for the past 12 months. Since June 1st 2014 I have been streaming every single morning (only missing a few days) and I have been enjoying every second of it.

Three weeks ago I decided to start streaming full-time to move away from a job that I didn’t enjoy doing anymore and focus on building this community.

Every month I am going to do my best to send out a daily news letter to keep all of you informed on any changes to our community. Whether it is news, accomplishments, changes or anything related to the DNE.


Deadly Nation Server:
This month we opened up our DayZ Standalone public hive server. This is an experiment to see how many people are interested in using this server on a daily basis. If you’re looking for people to play DayZ with, join our Teamspeak server. There are always senior members of the community around looking to play some games.

The server IP is:
Teamspeak: ts35.gameservers.com:9192

Deadly Nation Gear:
Also new this month is the opening of the merch store. You can now purchase shirts, sweaters and mugs from our store. I plan on expanding products and adding graphics to sell as the weeks and months go on. If you have any suggestions please tweet me. We can really make anything from pants, jackets, phone cases, hats and more.

Here is a link to the store:

Here is a picture of MaxMonies new gear!

Major changes to the emotes were also made this month. I’ve removed deadlyStrong and replaced it with deadlyPlayer. Now when you are in DayZ and Arma streams you can now use the emote when a player has been spotted.

Also there have been graphical changes to:
Winston Emote (deadlyCat)
Get Rekt (deadlyRekt)
Slob Bomb (deadlyBomb)
Peaches (deadlyPeach)

I want to thank SirValSwag for creating the new peach emote.

Also featuring this month is a brand new in-game overlay that is much cleaner to the new design. I have brought back the Recent Donator bar to help recognize the benefactors that help keep my dam lights on. I have debated on if I should list top donators under the stream. Let me know what you think (@deadlyslob).

New Games:
This month I have started playing two new titles. Breaking Point and Squad. BP is very similar to DayZ but with a slightly different feel, more optimization and more variety of gameplay. If you see me playing “Arma 3” don’t be afraid to stop by for an authentic DayZ experience.

Also new is Pre-Alpha for Squad. Thanks to Hoggy, I was able to get myself into the Squad closed pre-alpha weekends. Squad is an epic tactical shooter game. Check out gameplay on my channel. Its amazing. You can expect Squad on the channel every time it is available.

There will also be less Warcraft on my channel due to lack of activity from my WoW audience. If you’re looking for Warcraft expect it every Sunday on the channel, and on my YouTube channel weekly.

Again, I want to thank all of you for supporting the stream and helping to build this community. I am always open to honest feedback. The best way is via twitter and twitch messages.

Thank you all – see you on the livestream!
-Sean (DeadlySlob)


Squad is an online, team-based military experience where high levels of teamwork and communication are crucial to success.

Built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4, Squad pits teams of up to 50 people against each other in intense modern day combined-arms combat scenarios. In this realistic environment, the flow of the game is dictated by the players, with organic and emergent gameplay reigning supreme.

Today I have something special for you guys. Last week I got the opportunity to play Squad with the developers and other YouTubers and streamers during their Kickstarter roudup event. During the event I got the chance to sit down with Litoralias, community manager for Squad, to discuss the game and answer viewer questions.

Here is our 40 minute interview. Check out Squads website for details surrounding the games release and features of the title.