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Battlefield 4: Starting Engineer Progression on Paracel Storm TDM 64 [Full-Game Part 1]

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Welcome to my first live commentary playing BF4 TDM 64 on Paracel Storm.

Humvee Down – DayZ Mod

Everything you’re watching has been live recorded on Twitch.tv/DeadlySlob. To watch live, please check out the stream 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM EST every morning!

DayZ standalone is coming out in a few weeks and we are practicing hard to get into the groove again. We’ve found a brand new home server that we have been playing on for a few days. So far we’ve found a Humvee, SUV, UaZ, Ural, UH-1H, ATV and Police car.

This is the first of many DayZ episodes I will be featuring on my YouTube channel from this server. Make sure to subscribe for more!

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Faction: Chernarus Resistance
Signup: https://deadlyslob.com/chernarus-resistance/
Clan Logo: http://imgur.com/38ZY5Hy

Music By: Steve Gunn
Improvisation 2.

Note on the music: I’ve tried contacting the original owner of this rift but I have been unsuccessful. There is no licence attached but I would love to give him some credit.

If there is rightful copyright holders please contact me so we can set up an official agreement. Thanks!