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Welcome back!

Hey everyone,

I haven’t used my website in years, but I wanted to get it started again to start posting my new content, discuss my daily broadcasts on Twitch.tv, YouTube news, and basically other topics that interest me for my viewers and fans that want to get to know a bit more about me and an individual and entertainer.

I have an extended history in online media started at the young age of 14 years old. Now, nearly 10 years later I’ve still kicking it oldschool on my YouTube channel creating videos and covering topics and games that I love.

There are a few things that you can expect from this website.

1. Learn more about how to start a YouTube & Twitch channel.

2. Get to know me a bit more as a person, and not just a gamer.

3. Discuss issues affecting this exciting new industry we call gaming media/entertainment.

I plan on writing here at least once a week, maybe even more. I’ll see how it goes!

If you’re new around here and stumbled on this website from the void of the internet – I make gaming videos and run daily broadcasts on Twitch. Here are some destinations to check out.

YouTube – DayZ, World of Warcraft and other games.

Twitch – Daily morning broadcasts starting at 8:30 am eastern standard.

Twitter – Get notified on upcoming shows, casts and things surrounding my channels.

Facebook – Stay informed via facebook.


Thats all for now folks!

YouTube ONE Layout. The Good, Bad and The Ugly.

Hello YouTubers! Today I am going to rant/type about the new YouTube one layout.  First off, I’ve taken a significant amount of time this morning designing my layout. Take a look.


As you can see, this is a little bit different from what you probably see, but the layout itself looks well..but what the hell is with the logo? I’ll explain…

If you look in the lower left corner I’ve set up the In-video programming. The transparent background actually shows up as white on the channel background but in the actual video it works beautifully.

I do like a few things about this design. The fact that it literally throws content at the viewers is really great. The mobile and tablet integration *soon* will hopefully bolster views.

The things I don’t like? Much less design options and it’s too WHITE. It feels like a website from 1995. I think giving the channel design back to the Youtubers is what needs to happen moving forward and also bringing back content incentives like daily view rewards..what the hell happened to those?

Short story short, it’s not a terrible design after all and it is growing on me.

The #1 Rule to YouTube Success: Consistency.


Today I wanted to share some of my knowledge in building a great YouTube channel. Consistency is the most important factor in building an audience that follows your content no matter what you create, shorts, films, commentaries you name it. Creating strong content 3-7 times a week should be your goal as a new YouTuber. As you can tell, I struggle with consistency because of my day job running TGN’s partnership department but that doesn’t make me less knowledgeable about the topic. Look at UberHaxorNova for example. He has created high quality hilarious let’s plays and gets millions of views every single day. You’re probably wondering what he did to get so many views? Maintained a high video count over a very long period of time.

Notice the chart above. Those are my statistics. Starting in June I started to pump out 3 videos a week and notice how my views sky rocket. I also gained 2,500 new subscribers from my increase of content. Now notice the decline. I can only make one video a week now and look at how that is effecting my views and subscriber rates. Obviously, my channel is a hobby but YouTube is my career. If TGN Recruitment was to ever fail for me (which it won’t at this rate) but lets say that it does – I’d resort back to my channel and use the skills I acquired to become a self made entrepreneur. Some times I’d actually prefer it but it doesn’t pay the bills which is what counts.

Long story short; Try to make as many high quality videos as you can and maintain that over a long period of time.

I plan on sharing more of my acquired knowledge over time. Stay tuned 😉

Welcome to DeadlySlob.com…

Your new home for all things DEADLY!!..Slob.

Hey Folks,

Welcome to my new blog! Isn’t it shiny, new and exciting!? Well… maybe not just yet BUT maybe one day. My goals for this blog is to documenting my life, career and hobbies. I was simply tired of limiting my updates to 120 characters via Twitter. Although I like Twitter a lot and will continue to use it I simply needed a home and for $18.00 here we are at DeadlySlob.com.

A few things to note: My grammar and spelling need a lot of work. Maybe i’ll finally get a chance to work on it a tad.

Anyways, not much of a first post but I have a lot to do and so little time!

Cheers – Deadly.